5 Reasons a Buyer’s Agent is Key in New York

5 Reasons A Buyer’s Agent is Key in New York

5 Reasons a Buyer's Agent Is Key in New York explains how a buyer's agent works and what a buyer's agent does for you. Find out why having agency can make your life easier during one of the biggest purchases of your life.

Top 5 Reasons A Buyer's Agent is Key in New York

1. If You Have A Life, A Skilled Professional Is Needed.

Your life is the primary of the top 5 reasons a buyer’s agent is key in New York. Finding a place for yourself in NY is possible but could become a full-time job. In fact apartment searching is the full-time job of a buyer’s representative. Agents promote and protect your interests so you don’t have to pause your life to make your purchase. An agent is a luxury unless your time is valuable. If you are moving to NYC or within NYC there is a very good chance that you have plenty of more valuable, or profitable things to do than scour dozens of listing websites, with hundreds of advertisements, and review thousands of listings. Data from the National Association of Realtors suggests that the majority of consumers who begin their search online eventually choose to use an agent to secure their purchase. The most important factors in choosing an agent seem to be honesty and integrity. If you haven’t been referred to the Cunard Team by a friend, then see what our clients have to say about us.

2. Simplify Your Life, Get An Administrator.

Buyer’s agents handle the paperwork, follow-up, scheduling, and preparations for all the many steps in the purchase process. Would you like to call agent after agent in order to set up 4-12 viewings for Friday, Saturday,and Sunday between 6-8p on Friday, Sat. Between 11:45am-2:30pm or after 5:30 … etc. Do you know the details of an Offer To Purchase or the attached REBNY A&L, Pre-approval (not pre-qualification) letter, and common language for contingencies? Would you like to call the building management, and then the seller’s attorney, and then your attorney, then the management firm again, in order to get the document that you will then have to print, sign, scan, and return to the first person you called? Many buyers get to the end of their purchase process and realise that the paperwork alone is enough of a reason to get an agent or get licensed themselves. Agents perform all those tasks and more and are happy to do it for the chance to work with you and earn a living. Many buyers get to the end of their purchase process and realise that the paperwork alone is enough of a reason to get an agent or get licensed themselves.

3. You’ll Be Working With A Market Expert.

Agents keep current with market-data, other agents, and sellers. How many people do you have to meet with to become a market expert? A solid agent will know enough about the market to lead you to an area that has a high likelihood of offering your ideal home within your price and size requirements. Beyond that, a good agent  can help you navigate toward seller’s agents that have the types of properties you want in their inventory of exclusively listed properties. Buyer’s representatives also tend to know potential sellers that may not yet be on the market. In addition to these standards, a strong agent can show you what you want, as well as what you may not have known you wanted. The ability to show you something just outside of your expectation allows you to discover that two blocks from your dream neighborhood  a new condo hit the market for a lower price and in a preferred school district. An intimate knowledge of the market and the people who navigate it is a major benefit in a home search.

4. You Improve Your Negotiation Skills and Your Network.

Negotiation is another of the top 5 reasons a buyer’s agent is key in New York. Finding a place is only step one. Offering-strategy is another thing entirely. There are so many strategies to employ when making an offer that there are even certifications (of varying respectability) to show that a person knows how to negotiate in real estate. Many homeowners put a high value on negotiation when there may be something even more valuable. What about attorneys and home inspectors? Painters and cleaners? Buyer reps are more than just negotiators. They should represent access to all the relationships, services, and tools you need in order to purchase. When you work with a Cunard Team agent, your negotiating strategy get’s evaluated by the entire team. Above that, access to professionals in almost every realm of the real estate industry grants you access to strategies to deal with any issue that your purchase can present.

5. Get An Entire Team of Experts Without Paying More.

If you engage a Cunard Team agent, you get the skills, experience, and guidance of the entire team without paying more agents. In most NYC listings buyer’s agents are paid out of the seller’s proceeds. The seller and seller’s agent agree in writing on a percentage of the sale amount to be paid as commision to the seller’s agent. The seller’s agent typically offers half of that commision to the agent who represents the buyer. In industry speak, this is called a Co-broke. Buyers may not directly pay their agent in the majority of purchases. In the rare event that buyers pay their representative directly, some options are negotiable. This is business as usual for real estate, except in NYC. New York typically sticks with co-broking, however in the outer boroughs sometimes the model matches the majority of the country or has a blend of the dominant methods.

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