Rent or Own? A Response To The New York Times

While it may be true that most New Yorkers rent, and with good reason, the idea that those who buy will compromise on affordability and flexibility is not true. That’s why we felt the need to comment with Rent or Own? A Response To The New York Times. Moving every couple of years may be an … Continued

Video Listing Image

Listing Video: A Must Have

Listing Video Improves Your Listings Visibility Most New York City property listings are marketed using the same formula: Staged photographs+floor plan+listing narrative+syndication=marketing. This is not wrong by any stretch. But it is incomplete. When selling your home, most buyers, are hoping to match what they envision with what they are seeing in actuality. While photos can … Continued

The Top 5 Mistakes New York City Home Sellers Should Avoid

The Top 5 Mistakes New York City Home Sellers Should Avoid   Selling a home in today’s market requires a certain level of sophistication. Preparing your home for market can seem daunting with all of the staging options and home preparation that needs to take place. In light of these challenges, we have prepared a list of … Continued

Alexa, You Know Me So Well

I purchased my Amazon Echo months ago and I love it! My kids talk to it and ask it silly questions. I love it for the built-in 10,000 plus skills which can help me with anything from recipes to sports updates or remind me to feed the dog! Now, on top of  Echo’s amazing “skills”set, they are developing emotion and … Continued

This empty room won't show well online..

Virtual Staging: Don’t Showcase Your Empty Rooms Online

Insiders Tip: Use Virtual Staging rather than show empty rooms on the Internet. Here’s how it works . . . Learn More About Virtual Staging If done correctly, staging a property can yield a higher selling price and reduce a property’s time on the market. However, the elaborate process can be a daunting undertaking due … Continued