Liquidity Defined

Liquidity Defined

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Liquidity Defined

Liquidity is simple. The idea of liquidity is that whatever asset you posses can be easily turned into cold, hard cash. In real estate the idea of liquidity is varied. Some people think that real estate in general is illiquid. Typically that is true. In some markets like New York City, real estate may not be as fast to convert to cash as stock-market commodities (2-4 days); but in a strong market illiquid may not be an accurate description. If a property is priced and marketed well, and receives cash offers, it can convert to cash in 15 days sometimes less.

The benefits of proper pricing and marketing strategies in a commoditized real estate market have and will continue to bend the rules of investing. To find out what the market (or micro markets) of NYC are doing lately, contact the Cunard Team or subscribe to our newsletter for market news. Thanks for clicking in.

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