Listing Video: A Must Have

Listing Video Improves Your Listings Visibility

Most New York City property listings are marketed using the same formula: Staged photographs+floor plan+listing narrative+syndication=marketing. This is not wrong by any stretch. But it is incomplete. When selling your home, most buyers, are hoping to match what they envision with what they are seeing in actuality. While photos can give potential buyers an idea of what the property looks like, only a listing video can help them imagine themselves in the property. We have found that there is a definitive connection between listing videos and higher click-thru rates which means, more consumers are contacting us about listings with listing videos than those listings without.

Video Listing Infogrpahic

Listing Video Improves User Experience

In addition to the improved user experience that video brings, search engines prioritize property listings with video and rank these higher in the list, thus improving the chances of it being seen by more buyers. It is also more likely that  potential buyers will want to see more information on the listing after seeing the video in the search results. Ultimately this will lead to greater exposure and more offers.

Listing Video Equals More Return At Closing

We all know that greater exposure and more offers equals more money at closing and isn’t that why you’re selling? To have the means to purchase that new home or retire to somewhere tropical or get closer to your loved ones? Let us help you achieve that goal.

Cunard Team Advantage

In the interest of staying on top of the technology that drives our industry and offering our clients cutting edge resources, The Cunard Team has recently added an experienced, proven, on-staff videographer for listings videos, community videos and more. Contact us today if you’re considering selling your home and we’ll show you the difference.

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