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A Buyer Agent’s Role

There is a wealth of information available for buyers online. This information only represents a small portion of the knowledge and experience required when purchasing a home in NYC. You may ask, what is a buyer representative and how can they help me? Our agents will carry out many essential tasks to protect your interest — tasks that reach far beyond sourcing potential properties. What is a Buyer Representative? Here is a list of essential tasks they perform for you:

  • Be an advocate during the entire home buying process
  • Help To establish “Must Haves” and advise as to what, if any, compromises may be needed during the search for your dream home
  • Aid buyers in narrowing their search until they have identified their top choices
  • Prepare a comparables report and advise buyers as to what a reasonable offer may be
  • Prepare formal offer to purchase and necessary documents
  • Negotiate offers and counter offers and provide advice when requested
  • Arrange inspections to ensure your property of interest is structurally and mechanically sound
  • Advise you on which repair request are appropriate
  • Attend closing to assist in review of closing documents to ensure your interest are protected

While identifying properties that could be a suitable fit is part of the job, the task of understanding, evaluating, and presenting that property information to our buyers remains an integral part of a buyer agent’s process. Call one of our agents today to discuss how we may be of service in finding and securing your dream home.

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