trump bump explained

“Trump Bump” Explained

“Trump Bump” Explained Trumponomics in NYC In the era of “Trumponomics” many people are left confused about what the economy is doing and how to interpret it. The “Trump Bump” is an economic boost attributed to Trump that many republicans were counting on. It is a common misconception that the presidential office holds sway over … Continued

Fees Explained - What Is No Fee

Fees Explained – What Is No Fee?

 Fees Explained – What Is No Fee? Fees Explained – Real Estate Broker Fees The real estate industry often involves an array of fees for different purposes. Broker fees are notorious for being nebulous and puzzling. Fees Explained – What Is No Fee? is part of a series that will help you understand how broker fees are … Continued

Liquidity Defined

Liquidity Defined Liquidity Defined is one of many definitions of key terms we are providing to empower our clients and potential clients. To see and learn more or to go in depth with us on any real estate subject visit our site and connect with us or just give us a call. Liquidity Defined Liquidity … Continued

The Myth Of No Fee

What Is The Myth of No Fee?

What Is The Myth of No Fee?   If you look at any search for NYC rental listings, you will see FEE and NO FEE. What do these terms mean? How important are they to an apartment search? Ask anyone who has renegotiated a lease or been denied after paying fees to apply to an … Continued