There are many reasons an apartment won't sell. One of which is if your Coop or Condo board has a bad reputation or a reputation for denying board applications. Top 5 Reasons Apartments Don't Sell will explain the biggest reasons, so you can sell your NYC apartment.

Top 5 Reasons Apartments Don’t Sell

Top 5 Reasons Apartments Don’t Sell There are many pitfalls to listing your apartment. Case in point, the National Association of Realtors data shows only 8% of the residential real estate market transacts as FSBO(for sale by owner). The Cunard Team wants to help you sell your space in a way that improves your life. … Continued


Top 10 Staging Mistakes

Top 10 Staging Mistakes You may be ready to sell your apartment but is your space ready to face the public? There are so many staging options and improvement preparations to consider that sellers often miss the forest for the trees. With those concerns in mind, The Cunard Team assembled our collective experience to offer … Continued