The Best Way To Find An Apartment In NYC

The Best Way To Find An Apartment In NYC

The Best Way To Find An Apartment In NYC

What excites the Cunard Team about a home search? As buyer’s agents we love exceeding expectations and going well past what people expect when they think of “Full Service”. See what what that means in this quick video: The Best Way To Find An Apartment In NYC.

Home Search and Renovation

Home search, renovation, and all the way to placing furniture; we have done it. When the Cunard Team boast about being a full service real estate team, it isn’t rhetoric. We are uniquely gifted to serve our clients well beyond what is traditionally expected from an agent. We are able to serve this way because we areĀ a team of professionals with diverse personal and professional experiences. Get in touch to find out how we can serve you.

In the video example the team assisted in:

  • Finding a client an apartment in an area that originally seemed unattainable
  • Negotiating offers and contingencies
  • Organizing and submitting the coop board application
  • Coaching the client for the coop board interview
  • Arranging walkthroughs for contractor quotes
  • Inspecting contractor insurance and licensing documents
  • Creating a Scope of Work and submitting Alteration Agreement paperwork
  • Assisting in design
  • Sourcing materials and furnishings
  • Supervising the demolition and renovation
  • Maintaining the project timeline and budget

The team dynamic allows a client to gain the benefits of an entire team of agents and their skills. When you need to navigate one of the most important processes of your life, it helps to have a team on your side. It also helps to have a network of attorneys, lenders, painters, cleaners, contractors, and property inspectors a phone call away. A solid agent brings big benefits to the table and should be more than just the person to show you a listing. To find out how the Cunard Team can serve you, please connect via our mailing list or call one of our team members today.


Thanks for watching The Best Way to Find An Apartment In NYC. We hope you find an apartment with us.

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