Virtual Staging: Don’t Showcase Your Empty Rooms Online

Insiders Tip:

Use Virtual Staging rather than show empty rooms on the Internet. Here’s how it works . . .

BeforeStagingThis photo of an empty unstaged bedroom doesn’t create buyer interest.
AfterStagingThe same exact photo with “digital interior design” using Virtual Staging.

Learn More About Virtual Staging

If done correctly, staging a property can yield a higher selling price and reduce a property’s time on the market. However, the elaborate process can be a daunting undertaking due to its high upfront costs and the risk of failing to achieve desired results.
10 Painful Staging Mistakes
The Art of Home Staging

Virtual Staging has recently emerged as a highly-effective low-cost solution to marketing vacant properties. By using advanced photography techniques and specialized software, we now offer our clients Virtual Staging at no additional cost as part of our value proposition.
More about Virtual Staging.

The Very Real Benefits of Virtual Staging:

  1. Tremendous cost savings to the client
  2. Attractive photographs result in more visits from buyers & renters
  3. Future owners and tenants can visualize the potential of a space
  4. Less time on the market!

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